Case Study: Listening to your gut (Celiac Disease)

It is May now (where does the time go?) which is also Celiac Awareness Month! A good friend and avid reader of the blog suggested that I do a case study about her medical history and ultimate diagnosis of celiac disease. Celiac disease in adults can present as a myriad of symptoms and is often not diagnosed, or is misdiagnosed as anemia or chronic fatigue syndrome. The subject is an active female, born in 1975, living 5400 feet above sea level. Her answers are unedited. Read on!

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease, sometimes spelled as coeliac disease, is an autoimmune disease and a genetic disorder. Celiac disease can be hard to diagnose, as it is camouflaged by a variety of general, sub-acute symptoms. After diagnosis though, a gluten-free diet will provide a relatively normal life. Celiac disease and gluten-free diets are often discussed simultaneously, and below I have researched why.

Blood Testing

Blood is integral to every major system of your body. Because of that, much information can be learned about your general health and diet. This is why blood testing is often performed as it can contain markers for a variety of different diseases and illnesses. There are a variety of tests involving your blood--blood pressure, blood typing, CBC, BMP, and tests for specific diseases.

All About Blood

What do George Washington, Rasputin, and Lance Armstrong have in common? Blood! But not in that they are related, more that they have stories of historical significance involving blood. Blood is quite important and permeates nearly every part of our internal body. It is connected to many different aspects of our daily life: our diet, our general health, and many diseases. Read on for some basic facts of blood.