All About Poop Transplants

A fecal transplant involves taking poop from a healthy donor who has been meticulously screened. Then it is mixed into a slurry with either distilled water or a saline solution. The slurry can be mixed using a blender (smoothies, anyone?) or shaken by hand in a small container. Then the donor poop slurry is transplanted into the patient during a colonoscopy. Recipients feel better within hours and are nearly back to normal a couple of days post treatment. Besides colonoscopy, other methods of delivery can be used--fecal enemas, donor poop slurry delivered via nasoduodenal procedure, or taking 30 frozen capsules filled with concentrated formulas of “microbiota” (donor poop that has been prepped for transplant). The pills are the size of a large multivitamin, are delivered to the doctor’s office on dry ice and then continued to be frozen until being taken all at once under the supervision of the doctor.