Case Study: Listening to your gut (Celiac Disease)

It is May now (where does the time go?) which is also Celiac Awareness Month! A good friend and avid reader of the blog suggested that I do a case study about her medical history and ultimate diagnosis of celiac disease. Celiac disease in adults can present as a myriad of symptoms and is often not diagnosed, or is misdiagnosed as anemia or chronic fatigue syndrome. The subject is an active female, born in 1975, living 5400 feet above sea level. Her answers are unedited. Read on!

Inflammation and Swelling

Inflammation is the body’s protective response to eliminate and neutralize foreign invaders and promote tissue repair. Inflammation is not the same as infection, although the two sometimes occur at the same time. Infection is the body’s response to a foreign microbe, whereas inflammation is a generalized response to tissue damage. Signs of inflammation are remembered by the mnemonic PRISH, which stands for Pain, Redness, Immobility, Swelling, and Heat. The heat and redness are a result of increased blood flow to the area, and swelling due to the plasma and white blood cells. The nerve endings in the area are painfully hypersensitive due to the increased release of chemicals in the blood and plasma in that area. Read on for information about acute inflammation, chronic inflammation, and anti-inflammatory diets.