What is Elastic Therapeutic Tape? (Part 1 of 2)

While practicing as a chiropractor, Dr. Kenzo Kase saw the need for stretchy non rigid tape that would support the muscle and facilitate the body’s healing process. He developed the idea for elastic therapeutic tape and approached a myriad of tape companies to make the product for him. He presented the companies with detailed information and specs, but no company ever produced his product. Eventually he formed his own company and started manufacturing his own tape. Unfortunately, now all of his competitors had the information on the product and were easily able to replicate Dr. Kase’s idea. Like all good ideas, Kinesio Tape was copied and there are dozens of variations of elastic therapeutic tape now available on the market. Elastic therapeutic tape, also known colloquially as “KT Tape” or “kinesio tape,” is an adhesive, stretchy, porous, and breathable cotton tape that stays on your body for 3-5 days or longer. It is an alternative to the rigid white tape commonly applied to athletes--I have especially noticed it around football player’s ankles, but there are a variety of applications for it. Elastic therapeutic tape comes in a variety of brands and colors and stretches 120-140% of its original length.